Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) provides hiking opportunities on two spectacular coastal trails on Diablo Canyon Power Plant land: the Pecho Coast and the Point Buchon Trails. Through its Land Stewardship Program, PG&E has preserved these areas and provides visitors with remarkable vistas of California’s central coast in its rugged, natural state.

In order to preserve and maintain the diversity of these unique resources for generations to come, access to the two trails is limited. Both trails require signing in prior to trail access. Advance reservations are required to access the Pecho Coast Trail.

Please carefully read all information in the links below to avoid being turned away the day of your hike. For more information about these two trails and to make reservations for the Pecho Coast Trail, please select a link below.

Walk The Trails

trail reservations and information.

Historical Background

everything you ever wanted to know about the trails.

Things You Need To Know

conduct, rules, and regulations associated with the trails.